Able CBD – About the Company

  ABLE has been working directly with key influencers to help shape legislation in Wyoming and Nebraska and confirm proper laws and programs are implemented that get farmers involved and ensure domestic Hemp production can flourish regionally.  We’ve been in personal touch with key legislative members and influencer organizations like The Farm Bureau, The Farmers Union, and through our founders’ Board Positions on both the Nebraska and Wyoming Hemp Associations.We continually work with industry leaders, innovators and economic development members to invest in opportunities that are positioned to further lead this industry.
  ABLE has been corroborating directly with American farmers to help provide education and necessary resources to take advantage of hemp and its super crop ability which will help deliver economic and environmental advantages right here in our own backyard.  High CBD, ZERO-THC hemp is a fast growing rotational crop that results in a wide variety of outputs.  Its benefits not only yield numerous inspirational health testimonials but will also provide incredible benefits to our environment for years to come.Hemp farming is re-emerging at an ideal time to many parts of the United States where farmers are experiencing declines (tobacco in the East, cotton in the South, and sugar beets in the Plains and Mountain West) and provides a tremendous opportunity to retool many of our country’s best domestic farmers and reposition them as leaders in the rebirth of America’s industrial hemp movement.
  ABLE’S products are fully compliant and only sourced in America and currently through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Our ABLE product collection is quickly expanding beyond the core assortment with many unique product extensions in the development pipeline.  ABLE is also partnered with a select number of America’s very best seed geneticists, cultivars, propagators, farmers, agronomists, and science researchers to develop high quality CBD seeds that are specific to American and midwestern soils and climates.  Our industry leading seed development efforts and partnerships will yield zero THC CBD and food source traits to ensure local farmers have seed with the highest genetic potential for their capabilities.
ABLE’S product collection will also expand to include uniquely different offerings derived from cannabis and the thousands of products it is capable of producing.  It is our mission to deliver innovative products utilizing the finest ingredients and backed by scientific data to ensure the highest quality output.
  In an industry exploding in popularity but short on facts, ABLE will continue to provide credible education across the shared-industry and for its consumers with proven science-based data.  ABLE products use only the purest ingredients needed to provide the specific results intended and we take strict care to address this with each and every ABLE product.  It is this strict and honest approach that will gain your trust and loyalty.
  ABLE reinvests in our industry and is constantly building strategic partnerships with farmers, processors and retailers that we know and trust.  We take great pride in having a hand in architecting the foundation for long-term, domestic hemp production.Our network of partners consist of individuals with the utmost integrity and those who are like-minded and comfortable with the role as stewards of our local land to ensure that we are aligned to produce the finest products available.
  ABLE’S partnerships in hemp production allow us to protect and monitor all aspect water sources and ensure we are positioned to remove harmful substances from the soil – all while reducing our carbon footprint.  Through our fully integrated supply chain we are able to reduce transportation costs and keep our processing and production costs down, all while having minimal impact on the environment.Hemp is touted as a crop that can help to clean C02 from our air and removes 1.63 tons of C02 per ton of hemp.   ABLE works with local key constituents who align to support partnerships in business that maintain our core values and objectives.
  ABLE will provide assistance to others who can ultimately improve the quality of life for many.  We give back and invest with groups and individuals who intend to make the world we live in a better place and do it in a socially responsible way.  This will continue to evolve.
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