We're super excited about our fellow teammate and ABLE CBD founder, Bill Ekeler's appointment to The Hemp Authority's Technical Committee Team.

The Hemp Authority Board is the authority of the American hemp industry and as the most reputable certification authority, works closely with hemp industry leaders to develop, recommend, and influence policy to the FDA. 

The U.S. Hemp Authority™ has been building a Hemp Certification Program which will serve as our industry's initiative to provide high standards, best practices and self-regulation, giving confidence to consumers and law enforcement that hemp products SOLD IN THE AMERICAN MARKET are safe, and legal.

This effort has been funded by the US Hemp Roundtable, and joined by organizations such as the Hemp Industries Association, industry leading firms, top-tier testing laboratories, and quality assessors developed comprehensive guidance for growers and processors of hemp.

Bill is traveling to Colorado next week for the latest session where he will be helping strategize on final determinations for industry guidance for the calendar year 2020 and what has been referred to as Guidance 2.0.

These issues have the most interest of the industry and include ensuring transparency to key details such as: 1) Country of origin labeling;  2) Labeling of GMO’s; 3) Testing and Laboratory requirements;  4) Give additional guidance instead of using the terms appropriate and adequate;  and  5) prohibiting synthetic CBD.

The objective of the Technical Committee is to make recommendations to the US Hemp Authority Board who are the final decision makers and are awaiting the recommendations of The U.S. Hemp Authority.



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