ABLE CBD has improved my sleep and reduced my chronic pain


Every single one of these reports coming from our customers are their words. 
Their stories. They send them to us to share their journeys with ABLE CBD as part of their daily wellness routine. 

A big thank you to Sean for sharing his:

“As a Holistic Wellness Professional, I believe our Western society places too much emphasis on treatment, and not enough on prevention.  Why not use a product proven to be safe and effective for both treatment and prevention? 

I support 100% any natural, sustainable product that supports healing from within - to treat or prevent - and that’s exactly what ABLE CBD does for me, and my clients.  Sustainable from seed to bottle is unique.  This is a clean, pure product.

The most apparent benefit I’ve experienced from my tincture use is longer/deeper sleep, when brain & muscle tissue repair occurs.  In the short-term, I awake and remain more energetic and alert throughout each day, and experience less joint pain and muscle soreness. 

In the long-term, research tells us I’m significantly reducing the chance of neurological disorders by reducing inflammation of brain tissue.  I now spend more time in Stage 3 (a.k.a. deep NREM sleep), the most restorative stage of sleep.

Odds are I’ll never know which neurological disorder(s) i’ve staved off within myself, and I’m OK with not knowing, and not having to experience those symptoms, and the subsequent pharmaceuticals and their side-effects.  CBD is preventative medicine.

Thank you ABLE CBD for improving my life!”

- - Sean M. - Holistic Wellness Professional

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