We are proud to share this ongoing series with Ultra Marathoner, Adam Monke about his journey as an Ultra Marathoner and how ABLE CBD has helped him in his training and recovery. 

When not running, Adam spends his day as an industry leading seed expert with Nebraska Irrigated Seeds.  We're honored that he's picked ABLE CBD as his brand of choice for his training, daily wellness and recovery routine and it's really us who are most proud to be in his company.  Follow along in the series as Adam takes us into the life and training of the preparedness for covering 100 miles.....on foot one time!


"I have lived my life as an athlete. Growing up on a farm in eastern Nebraska I spent my childhood always on the run. My best friend and closest neighbor lived 2.5 miles away, if we wanted to play, we either ran to each other’s house or we rode our bikes. 

That turned into wrestling, football and track throughout high school. Eventually earning a Division 1 scholarship and playing football for the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. The competitive fire has always been lit, and the will to win has been a constant. On October 10th, 2010. I was competing in an old man flag football tournament. With one wrong step and zero contact I was granted a new knee. 

Extensive nerve damage from the dislocation, 2 fractures below the knee, tying it all together is a strong new MCL, ACL, PCL, LCL and meniscus. With this being the first injury like this. I threw a heck of a pity party. I drank too much and finally realized I could let this be my new life and roll through it with a jacked leg. Or, I could explore my curiosity and find out what I was capable of with a jacked leg. Injuries are tough and the road can be long.

What I have learned is that I have never had an injury or setback that I haven’t returned a little bit stronger, smarter, wiser, and way more humble from. In the moment it is hard to understand the “why” but as life goes on it truly does come into amazing focus. I started running, at first it was around the block, then it was a mile, then it was 10. As the leg healed and competing with myself on how far or fast, I could go. My competitiveness got the best of me. My smaller races led to longer ones and before I knew it, I found myself chasing 100 milers. I still get patronized for this, but my longest race prior to my first 100 miler was a half marathon. Not my longest run…. But race!

Consistently covering 100 miles on foot is truly a blessing.  Every time I do, I grow a little bit. Growth to me is what running is all about. From slow to-fast-to-slow again. I often say that running 100 miles in one day is like your whole life condensed into one 24 hour period. The ups and downs, highs and lows. Embracing the highs and trying to move through the lows is what it's all about.  Personally, I love where it takes me and my family. Both physically and emotionally, running - like everything in life can be rewarding, frustrating, euphoric, challenging and fun! Running does constantly teach me that perfection is impossible. Running gives me permission to have fun and be curious. Running empowers me to tear down my own barriers and set big goals and work my ass off to achieve them.  It is a challenge most days, but I’ve learned to refuse to give up even when there are obstacles in my way. 

Above all I do believe, it shows my three boys how much I love something. They see me train every day with the passion I pour into it along with the sacrifices I make, and they see how it all can pay off. They get to see me push through the low points when things aren’t going well. I get to remind them that things are not always going to go well and for them to get to see me fail and get up over and over again is truly a dream."  - Adam

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