Long time ultra-marathoner and ABLE CBD consumer, Adam Monke was scheduled to compete in a 100 mile race on March 28th, but like many events it was cancelled due to COVID-19.  Training for this distance is not only achieved by running many miles but also involves the science of balancing nutrition, hydration, recovery, sleep and optimizing when precisely to peak.

Adam’s redirected his hard work and training to his community and is joining the HELPER movement to aid in delivering hope and awareness while running 104 miles across a portion of Nebraska in his collaborative Friday, April 24th's WH(Y) I RUN.

Adam’s run will serve as a fundraising platform to benefit the YMCA and all money raised will go directly to the Y to help support childcare and school-aged services provided for families with medical personnel and first responders helping with COVID-19 on the front lines. Adam will also run to honor the legacy cancelled race for Alex Lamme.

ABLE CBD is proud to be a keynote sponsor along with many other brands.

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED?  Easy, choose one or both ways:

  1. Buy a HELPER t-shirt like Adam is wearing here for yourself and join Adam while he is running the route in person or from afar. All t-shirt proceeds will go directly to the YMCA.  
  2. Go to the YMCA Fremont website to donate directly - here


    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my Mother would say ‘look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping’.”      
    - - Fred Rogers
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