Written by PJ Treide of Bighorn Design Studio. Bighorn Design is a Wyoming based company that has grown from 4 to 48 employees in the past three years and is one of the fastest growing companies in the Rocky Mountain region.  PJ has taken the time to share his testimonial on the struggles he has had with sleep and how it has affected his life and his family.  In the past year, he found Able CBD and their products to be the resource he could use to get himself to meaningful and restful sleep.  PJ hopes his story might help those who have struggled as he has.

For anyone who knows me well, they are very aware that sleep has never been my friend. From growing up in a competitive athletic landscape, to long daily hours running a business with nearly 50 amazing teammates, the noise in my mind has never really allowed me the opportunity to sleep well.  I don’t even really like sleep.  I like to be awake for fear of missing an opportunity or an opportunity to learn or do something meaningful.  

It seems that having three young daughters has given me an artificial route to sleep over the past 11 years as bedtime book reading with my girls is the easiest and most important way for me to relax, comfort, my mind.   Restlessness causes near panic awakenings for me and keep me from falling asleep altogether with a feeling that I might miss out on something or that I need to finish a growing number of projects.   I am certain that my greatest ideas and projects have been created and completed between the hours of 10PM and 4AM.  This is pretty normal for me, and 3-4 hours of sleep each night is a good night, even if they aren’t concurrent. 

I am a positive and energetic person by nature, and feeling drained or tired is rarely an issue, but I am aware that my sleep cycle and limited hours could carry longer-term health problems.  I don’t fit the classic diagnosis of an insomniac.  I am pretty calm, not depressed, and really don’t have much anxiety in my life.  I kid with others my age that I have lived nearly twice as long due to lack of sleep, but I know that there may be a day when this comes back to haunt me.  There are no significant changes to my health to this point other than a few extra pounds from finishing off my kid’s unfinished dinner, or sharing in treats.  And other than my fondness of a few Sheridan craft beers each week, my only real gluttony and excess is work and my amazing wife and family (mostly because I love both, and never more than at this very moment).  My work-life balance continues to get skewed toward family life as we are nearly four years into growing Bighorn Design Studio with an awesome team, but the lack of sleep persists.

Looking back over the years, I can now make a clear assumption that forcing myself out of sleep was my mind’s way of driving me to be better, to do better and to build knowledge for what I was up against at that very moment in life.   As a young kid, I would stay up memorizing the stats of all of the baseball players on the back of thousands of baseball cards.  As a teen, I would stay awake to read or spend hours dribbling a basketball in the garage.  As a young financial advisor, I would stay awake to build sales presentations and models.  I built our family home in Wyoming after our second daughter was born, much of it in the middle of the night.  I am now building our businesses in the same way.   The noise persists.  That noise is also a driving force of positive thoughts.  It is rarely negative.  But when times are tough or when opportunities are great, sleeping nearly goes away.  I push myself through any trouble and excitement by depriving my body of sleep – to think, to strategize, to work.

I’ve tried everything.  Over the years I’ve taken melatonin, valerian root, Nytol, Ambien, Tylenol PM and other random recommendations. Even when I do get some rest through supplements, I usually wake feeling groggy and achy.  Then in the late summer of 2018, I started reading about the body’s cannabinoid receptors and how cannabidiol (CBD) oil from the hemp plant can target receptors to quiet the mind and aid in sleep.  I read about its work on epilepsy, arthritis, stress, and more.  It was really interesting, and although it was considered illegal to possess in Wyoming, I bought some CBD oil from Able CBD to test it out.  (Congrats to Wyoming’s legislature for just passing legislation that includes legal possession of CBD products).

After working on the charts sent to me by the experts at Able CBD, I found the appropriate dosage for my body type and bought a tincture oil.  After it arrived, I started doing half of my recommended amount in the AM and half after dinner.  I didn’t notice anything right off the bat, but after about two weeks I did notice that a good side effect was reduced back pain.  I stopped taking ibuprofen for the back pain and haven’t had any issues since.  Then at about day 20, something happened that had not happened in 12 years.  I slept for eight hours straight.  It was mind blowing.   That activity has continued, and while I do wake from time-to-time in the middle of the night, it is usually because one of my kids is having trouble sleeping or not feeling well.   This change has helped to give me better focus during the day and has allowed me to get more done during my 'new' limited waking hours.  It has been a great and meaningful change, and I know that all of this is going to be healthier for me and for my family.

I know that CBD may not have the same effect on others as it has on me, but I do know that it has worked for me personally and I hope this testimonial will help others to find Able CBD’s products to help them get off of sleep aids and pain pills to find restful and meaningful sleep again.


Since PJ's discovery of Able CBD, he has been asked to join the executive board of Able Holdings. Able CBD's parent company as an advocate and investor in the Able line of products.  PJ is passionate about bringing hemp production to his home state of Wyoming and working with the Able founders and team to bring a vertical model to Wyoming and the Midwest.  He has been a very active member of the Rocky Mountain Region's growing hemp community and was fortunate to be at the table alongside of Wyoming's key stakeholders and legislators for the creation and eventual passing of HB171 in the 2019 Wyoming Legislative Session

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