STUDIES support how to fall asleep easier  
In a recent CBD sleep survey hosted by Project CBD, 1,521 participants were asked to estimate how many minutes it took them to get to sleep and how often they woke during the night with and without the use of CBD.

These participants reported that CBD HELPED them get to sleep quicker, reducing the average time needed from about an hour to on average, 20 minutes.

Perhaps more importantly, participants reported waking up less often when using CBD for sleep (about 1/3 as many times). A majority of participants ALSO reported improvements in how they felt upon waking. Almost 3/4 of participants woke up tired without CBD and only 9% reported waking up tired with CBD. •••••
OUR ABLE CBD all natural, Triphasic Sleep Strips go a step further to help bring the body into balance for restful and restorative sleep and wake refreshed. Each strip dissolves orally for rapid absorption and in addition to CBD includes:

✅Melatonin to help STAY ASLEEP

✅5HTP + Terpenes to help WAKE REFRESHED

All of our products are ZERO THC/high in CBD - they have NO psycho-altering affects. Easy to take • All natural/no sweeteners • Non-groggy • Dissolves quickly • Non-habit forming • 0% THC ***Click link in bio for more

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