You've heard it said that "desperate times call for desperate measures" and we believe that desperate times call for intentional measures.  It is our intention to use our reach, influence, platform and connectivity with many partner organizations to encourage, empower and lead our communities through these trying times.

“To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted. by realizing that there are still so many helpers.  Look for the helpers.  There is always hope. - Fred Rogers

If there was ever a time to make a statement - it is now.  It says HELPER, and it means COMMUNITY.  It's a declaration of love for mankind.  It means love for a neighbor, for a co-worker, for your tribe, and for complete strangers.  It's a commitment to a culture that thinks of a fellow man's needs before its own wants.  It means FaceTiming a friend in isolation, and posting up positivity and encouragement on social media.  It means putting down our differences and picking up what matters most.  It means being available and willing to do what you CAN to keep us all moving forward - those on the front lines, those in need.

The world needs help - the world needs helpers.

Be someone in this time you'll look back at and be proud of when this is over.
Join us, Adam Monke and all of our amazing brand partners who have come together to do good through running to raise needed funds for help support the YMCA.  Their work to provide services for childcare and school-aged support for families with medical personnel and first responders helping with COVID-19 is tireless and critical. WANT TO GET INVOLVED?  It’s easy.  Buy a HELPER t-shirt like Adam is wearing above to wear yourself so you can join him while he is running the route (in person or from afar, virtually) and all proceeds will go directly to the Y (link in bio). AND, go to the The YMCA Fremont website to donate directly - here.   More details will follow for Adam’s April 24th run.

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