From our teammate, Bill Ekeler; Board Member on The U.S. Hemp Authority Technical Committee

Bill attended the May meeting in Castle Rock, CO.

The notes highlight what what they collaborated on as an organization.


May 16, 2019

Country of Origin Labeling - No final determination was made as excluding foreign material is not the goal but keeping contaminated material out of the country is.

From The US Hemp Authority position, it is imperative to ensure hemp and hemp derived materials from the US are safe and of the highest quality possible.

GMOP Labeling - Complying with Federal USDA definitions of GMO was suggested.

Additionally, GMO’s can be utilized and certified but must be disclosed on the label.

Testing and lab requirements: Comply with all rules and regulations set forth by regulatory bodies at the state and federal level and determine which THC, THCA and pesticides should be tested for.

Storage, personnel, training and transportation should comply with all department of AG requirements at the state and federal level.

Synthetic forms of CBD will be prohibited and CBD must only be from a hemp plant derivative.

Labeling - CBD products will serve 4 major industries

1. Dietary 2. Food 3. Make up and 4. Pets.

It was suggested that a use by date be required as this is less restrictive. If there is an expiration date, the level of traceability and complexity becomes very involved.

Chain of custody control and sample testing areas. These are determined by the department of AG and are different at state levels. Producers should not have to disclose down to the farm level except under confidential audits

Seed selection, genetics, soil testing, clones and seed for human consumption- Department of AG requires COA’s on all types of seed and these regulations need to be followed.

Import and Export Guidance: Hemp or hemp derived cannabinoids from the US should be labels as such. Having US Grown could be the best solution for communication to customers.

Currently, no states will allow for importing or exporting of seed outside of the USA.

Next steps to include: Draft to technical committee, technical committee approval, public comment, Final Draft to be approved by Authority Board and publish for the industry in October.


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